Better, Faster, Stronger Reporting for SCCM

Power BI is *ahem* a powerful tool. If you’ve not had the chance to mess with this product yet…what’s stopping you?

As powerful as it is there’s been (so far) very little movement in using it to generate reports from the trove of data mined by SCCM. A good buddy of mine and an ex-coworker got together to create BI for SCCM.

There’s been a lot of reporting tools and methods created over the years. All of them good and each with its own intrinsic value. BI for SCCM is the latest iteration of this long trek to make reporting easier, but it also plants the flag as a more modern take on reporting. And, with my company putting more and more resources into ensuring BI works for everything, BI for SCCM makes a lot of sense.

I have no idea what this thing costs – or even if it does. But, I think its worth checking out.

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