MSDN Magazine Bids Farewell

When I started at Microsoft, receiving free copies of MSDN Magazine was a perk and I had actually started wondering why I hadn’t received a new one recently. Well…I can stop wondering now, as the announcement has been made that the print version of the magazine is being retired.

Link:  An Important Update on MSDN Magazine

According to the post, Microsoft’s platform is the replacement and those with current subscriptions will receive pro-rated refunds.

I’ve run editorial teams in my career, pushing to new heights and delivering success through traffic and engagement. I’ve also been part of moving those editorial processes from print to fully electronic. But, for those teams I managed, there was strong readership history and grand potential. While MSDN Magazine had a history of readership, the future for any print magazine is dwindling quickly.

What print magazines do you still read religiously?

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