Windows 10 Before January 2020: Easiest Way to Get From Here to There

January 2020 is the deadline for Windows 7. And, unless you are one of those organizations that doesn’t mind paying big bucks to extend support, you have to get those remaining PCs upgraded. Without the upgrade, your PC landscape becomes less and less secure for every second the clock ticks.

As part of a new initiative at Microsoft, I’ve been tasked recently with helping customers build strategy around developing the easiest methods for getting compliant before the deadline.

What we’ve found is that one of the easiest and quickest methods to getting there is utilizing Windows Autopilot for Existing Devices.

If you’re in this situation, take a look at this benefit. Windows Autopilot for Existing Devices utilizes our SCCM backbone, automates the entire upgrade, and gets you on your way to finally getting a taste of cloud identity through Azure Active Directory in the process.

To figure out if you qualify to take advantage of this, the following are the requirements:

  • System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch (1806) OR System Center Configuration Manager Technical Preview (1808)
  • The Windows ADK 1803 or later
    • Note: Config Mgr 1806 or later is required to support the Windows ADK 1809.
  • Assigned Microsoft Intune Licenses
  • Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Windows 10 version 1809 or later imported into Config Mgr as an Operating System Image


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